Five Candles For Your Romantic Night

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Is it time for you to plan a romantic night with the one you love? Candles are a perfect way to set the mood. Choose from one or more of five great candles for your romantic night.

Flameless Candles: Not interested in lighting or worrying about when to put out a flame? That’s perfect because on a romantic night, the flame of your romance is more important! A flameless candle could be for you. Would you believe that flameless candles can be scented and they look very realistic?

Floating Candles: Gentlemen, when your Read the rest of this entry »

Candles To Light For Your Stay At Home Date

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Candles can create a beautiful and romantic ambiance for your stay at home date. To pick the perfect votive or taper, consider what your plans for your date are, as well as your personal preferences.

For an elegant dinner date, tall tapers on the table provide mood lighting and have a classic feel. Consider placing tapers in candle sticks that accent your flatware. For the most formal feel, choose unscented candles in timeless colors like white, black, and red. If you are Read the rest of this entry »

Candles To Each Season of The Year

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Candles convey a sense of warmth. Candlelight changes the mood to one of comfort and relaxation. Candles are used day or night and add a special touch to anniversaries, holidays and birthdays.

Candles are made into distinct shapes. Pillar candles have a base wide enough to stand without help. Taper candles are thinner and come to a gradual tip. They need candle holders to remain upright. Gel candles are see-through and may solidify enough to hold its shape. Floating candles Read the rest of this entry »

Five Cake Scented Candles Children Will Love

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Cake scented candles will not only fill your home sweet smells, but they’ll also get kids excited. There are certain smells that children are going to love more than others, and some smells are better for certain moods.

1.Vanilla cake is a common favorite among kids, and this is going to have a light and airy scent. Kids will love this because it’s familiar, and it’s a neutral flavor.

2. Chocolate cake candles are going to make all chocolate lovers mouths water, and this is a great scent for winter.Check out this link September 2013

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